What’s everyone barking about?

We could tell you how great we are but we’d rather let our clients do the barking.


My only child Dorothy is a 7 year old Pit bull rescue who has been though 3 rounds of cancer. I have spent countless thousands to keep her healthy, she means so much to me. I also have a thousand awkward photos of her on my cell phone but the one thing I never had was a beautiful portrait of us together.
I could talk about Dorothy forever but I need to take a minute to thank Lady. Without her I wouldn't have this gorgeous photo that I cherish with all my heart. I didn't realize how important this would be, I'm so happy I didn't put our portrait session off until Dorothy got sick again.
Lady came to our house and made us both feel so comfortable. Dorothy does not always play well with other dogs and can be overprotective of me when we are outside. Being home for this session made all the difference and is the setting I most want to remember her in.
Thank you Thank you Thank You Lady!! This photos of us together will be on my wall forever and definitely on my parent's wall and probably on my Christmas Card :)


It makes a world of difference to have pet photographs captured by a true animal lover. Lady not only has an eye for beautifully lighting her subjects, but she understands animals and the challenges of shooting their portraits. We had so much fun with her and are delighted at the images.

-Amanda and John


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