Why WildHeart?

My eldest baby, Lucy.

My eldest baby, Lucy.

Late last year, I was cuddling my geriatric cat, Lucy, and wondering how close we were to the end of our time together. With hyperthyroidism and kidney disease, every trip to the vet feels like it might be our last.

Even though we have had great years together, they still don't feel like enough. We all inevitably outlive our pets and it just doesn't feel fair.

I decided to do something to about it.

Santa pet photos are cool but I wanted to do it better.

Santa pet photos are cool but I wanted to do it better.

Having just finished running a successful Santa pet photo fundraiser at a local animal rescue, I saw how important professional photos are to pet parents. I looked at my own collection of crappy iPhone pics of my own fur kids and realized I knew exactly how I could help pet parents.

Our pets are like family and yet investing in a portrait session with our fur kids is not something most of us consider. But why not? Taking photos with our human kids is the norm. I did some research and what I found wasn’t that there was a lack of pet parents wanting photos with their fur kids, there was a lack of photographers offering to take the photos!

I set out to create a photography service specifically catered to the needs of pet people. I wanted to help them keep their pets with them always the way I want to keep Lucy with me. I can’t make pets live longer. But I can take beautiful family pet portraits while they’re with us.

wildheart logo white circle spot edit copy.png

WildHeart was born.

After more than five years as a full time New Orleans portrait photographer, I felt like I finally found my calling. Combining my passions for photography and animals made so much sense. I designed a process that was completely different than my wedding and portrait photography business. But I’ll save that for another post.

That’s all for meow,


Lady Walker